Your Mortal

One of the few places you'll find a parody of a parody of Harry Potter.

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This community was made for a group of friends who are creating a parody of the famous "My Immortal" which has been dubbed the worst fan fiction ever. I'm afraid that this community is only available to them.


Don't get freaked out guys, it's just about tagging your entry!

Just so we can find what we want when we're looking at the journal, please tag your entry accordingly. For example, when I make an entry talking about the rules or an update I would tag it mod post .

Recommended Tags:
*mod post
*video (if you have a video you want us to see)

Now if you're writing from a single character's point of view, tag it with their first and last name.

If your writing with several characters in an entry, tag each of their first names.